With over 88% of companies utilizing social media marketing, it goes to show how many business owners perceive social media – a game changer, a golden opportunity that must not be overlooked. Another day, another talk of successful utilization of social media marketing. But while all numbers point to the benefits of social media marketing, is your business leveraging these benefits? Or is it just another marketing strategy with a complex learning curve and zero practical advantages? A social media marketing audit will allow you to figure out which tactics work, which platforms work best for you and which profiles need some tweaking.

It’s All About The Big Picture

Today, much of the success of e-commerce businesses and even small firms rides on social media marketing. With over 90% of marketers experiencing increased business exposure due to social media marketing efforts, it makes sense to want to know where your social media efforts stand. You might be doing everything by the book including using a marketing team composed of the social media marketing gurus, and brilliant minds. However, your business might not be experiencing any growth or progress if you don’t conduct a social media marketing audit. 


A company’s social media marketing efforts are closely linked to how effective they are, and how they can promote business growth. So, to measure that, there is a need to audit which inevitably allows you to scope out the big picture. While the process can be a little frustrating the first time, it will get faster and more natural over time allowing you to gain the information you need to take your social media marketing to the next level, which is having a social media strategy in place and gaining an ROI.




How Often Should You Perform A Social Media Marketing Audit?

Now that you’ve grasped the importance of a thorough review of your social media marketing objectives, plans, and current techniques, a question pops up: How often should you perform a social media marketing audit? Should the audit be biannual or annual? Typically, the frequency of an audit will depend on several factors including the size of the business and the time lapse since you started utilizing social media marketing strategies. However, it’s highly recommended to perform an audit at least once every year.  


An Expert Is A Social Media Marketing Audit’s Best Friend


While it’s possible to learn how to perform a social media marketing audit and improve in the process over time, an expert social media marketing auditor can drastically improve the quality of the review and allow you to know what to keep and what to change, which will substantially increase traffic. 

To start your audit, do your homework on the best social media marketing auditors. These experts will often use the best tools, software, and techniques for the audit. Moreover, they will review statistics and everything about social media marketing to ensure that the audit is comprehensive, accurate and informative. Expert auditors won’t cut corners and will provide a detailed yet easy to understand report to help you redefine your social media marketing efforts.


Aside from the obvious benefits which include the formulation of an effective social media marketing strategy, an audit can also provide you with in-depth evaluation of the techniques that work perfectly in social media marketing. So, to keep your social media marketing efforts alive and thriving, there’s a need to perform a social media marketing audit.


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