Everyone wants to be healthy, feel more energetic and live longer.  Very few will disagree when asked if these things are important!  Statistics show that 4 out of 5 internet users have searched the web for health care information and terms involving health care continue to be high among web searches.  It’s little wonder that the health and wellness industry continues to be one of the largest and fastest growing industries!

What happens when an industry experiences such growth and profit?  It also experiences a growth in competition.  A growing number of businesses are popping up online offering supplements, programs and information targeted towards the market of consumers who are reaching out via search engines and social networking sites for more information.  Are you wondering how you’re going to compete?

A well laid out social media strategy will mean the difference in success and failure for many entrepreneurs this year.  Over 80% of Americans use a social network. 66% of web users are looking for information about a disease or medical problem.  Consumers are online daily researching, gathering information and connecting with important people in their lives.  Are you ready to get in front of them?


Consult with an experienced social media strategist in the health and wellness industry who can assist you with an effective social media plan. It’s important to understand your target demographic, where they hang out online and what solutions they are searching for. Creating a targeted strategy can ensure you aren’t wasting time or money getting your information in front of the right people.

Identify your ideal market.  Gain a strong understanding of their needs, have a solution prepared and begin engaging with them online.  Learn how to start the conversations that lead to the solutions only you can provide.  The beginning is the most important!

Offer quality content that firmly establishes you as an expert within your industry on a regular basis. Engage and respond daily to your market online to ensure consistent visibility for your brand.  It’s not enough to be here today and gone tomorrow.  If you aren’t reliable in your marketing efforts, your audience won’t consider you reliable at all!

Work diligently to market your brand, increase your mailing lists, engage your audience and follow up regularly.  If at first you don’t succeed, keep trying!!


Want to know how to affordably build your business by increasing referrals and direct sales? Social media marketing is the answer!  Create great content in the form of blogs, slideshares and video.  Participate in webinars, interviews and other online events where you can establish your expertise.  Work with a qualified consultant to implement a strategy that’s been customized just for you!  Increase your visibility in front of your target market as well as the people who are in front of your target market!  Success is guaranteed when you follow the right path!

Do you have a PLAN?  Jawaharlal Nehru once said, “Success often comes to those who dare to act.”  Are you ready to be daring?

If you have questions about growing your business in this fast paced industry, I’d love to help!

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