Recent data from shows that the total number of internet users worldwide is closing at 3 billion, which is barely 40 percent of the world population. In time, every household will have quick access to the Internet and such a breakthrough could mean the end of traditional business marketing. As to how this can impact your business, Zev Gotkin of the provides some interesting facts:

“As consumers are increasingly turning to resources like social media and mobile applications to glean information about products and services, a brand’s online presence is more important than ever before when it comes to establishing a solid reputation — and some companies are looking to help along the way.”

Internet Marketing for retail businesses on Long Island, NY

The first and most obvious reason why internet marketing should be the new marketing tool for your Long Island business is that a lot of your clients have already decided to go online. Perhaps their main reason is that it’s easier, less stressful, and very efficient to use when looking for information. They’d rather stay at home and be productive online than shopping around downtown for products and services that may not actually be available. In addition, many companies have already kicked off internet marketing to boost their online presence.

“The number of companies struggling to take advantage of online resources means companies meant to fill these gaps are more necessary than ever. As small and local businesses enter increasingly competitive markets, meeting consumers where they already are — on the Web — is one marketing tactic they simply can’t afford to ignore.”

Internet marketing on Long Island can grant small businesses like yours access to the same strategies used by large and established companies. It helps widen your business’ reach through tools like search engine optimization, social media marketing, and pay-per-click marketing. Each of these tools is unique and can pull in potential customers in different effective ways.

With online marketing you will make the most of what the Web has in store for small businesses looking to advertise on a virtual platform. Besides common Local SEO and social media marketing schemes, they can design and develop your website to become more interesting and informative. A presentable and professional-looking website creates an impression of reliability, which can help shape your business for good.

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