With at least one billion people using Facebook, advertising on social media is something that simply makes sense for all business owners. While you may want to reach a larger group of people through Facebook, you might not know much about the specific steps you should follow to reach those people and meet more of your goals. By following these Facebook advertising tips, you can quickly improve your chances of reaching your targeted audience while getting them to engage with your business page, which could lead to more follows, comments, and purchases.

1. Select the Right Images

When developing advertisements for Facebook, many people focus on what they are going to write because they want the advertisement to sound good. While you will need to focus on what the advertisement is going to say, there is a lot more to it than just writing a few good words on an advertisement that is displayed on Facebook. You need to select the right images that are going to quickly garner attention from people who are scrolling through the social site while on their phones or other electronic devices. Select eye-popping images that are creative and unique while displaying your products in a way that will make people want to buy those products.

2. Target the Right People

Because there are so many people using Facebook, you will have easier access to your targeted audience, but you need to make sure you are reaching out to the right people. If the products you sell are geared toward a specific age group, such as teens and young adults, you would want to make sure you are targeting those people and having your advertisements displayed on their accounts rather than having the advertisements displayed on the accounts of older people who may not be as interested in those products. If you are running a local business, you may want to focus on targeting locals rather than advertising to people who would not be able to get to your store because they live hundreds of miles away from you.

3. Use Carousel Advertisements

Take advantage of the neat carousel advertisements that are available on Facebook. When you use these types of advertisements to display the products you are selling, the consumers can see more than just one product at the time, making it easier for them to find something they like and would be interested in buying. The advertisement is a bit more interactive with the consumers because the consumers can swipe through the images of your products while they are browsing Facebook. It is one of many Facebook advertising tips business owners do not take advantage of often enough.

4. Create Video Advertisements

Have you recently noticed advertisements on videos that are posted on Facebook? While it is a relatively new thing Facebook users, it is working out well for business owners who want to target people when they are watching specific types of content on Facebook. If someone is watching a video and they are into what they are seeing and then the advertisement pops up in the middle of what they are watching, they are likely going to sit through that advertisement to watch the rest of their video. If your advertisement is popping up, it could spark some interest for them, causing them to visit your website or your Facebook page to see what you sell.

5. Get Information From Facebook Audience Insights

Keep track of the people you are reaching by using Facebook Audience Insights. The convenient feature allows you to see the demographics of your audience based on their age, gender, lifestyle, and location. You can use this information to your advantage to find out who you should continue targeting when you are advertising on Facebook.

These Facebook advertising tips may help you have a lot more success while advertising on the site. You will need to focus on using great images, trying carousel advertisements, creating some video advertisements, and knowing exactly who to target.

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