What is Social Impact?

The dictionary defines social impact as ‘The effect of an activity on the social fabric of the community and well-being of the individuals and families’.  This is a pretty broad definition since social impact can truly mean different things to different people.  Positive social impact is about making improvements in people’s lives.   It’s about helping others by taking  responsibility for our role in making the world a better place, whether we are an individual or an organization.   Regardless of how you define it, true social impact is all about change.

The Social Impact movement is a big thing these days.  People are wondering how to make the world a little better.  They are using new technologies and searching for ways to create positive change in the lives of others and our society as a whole  If you are looking for ways to create a positive social impact, here are two of the most exciting social impact organizations available for study.

2 Exciting Studies in Social Impact

Echoing Green – Is a non-profit organization that provides seed funding and technical assistance to emerging social entrepreneurs with ideas for social change.  They help individuals discover their unique role in transforming the world and how to unleash their talents to solve the world’s biggest problems.  Echoing Green’s most popular is its Fellowship program.  They’ve provided more than $2 million dollars each year to help fund emerging social entrepreneurs.  It is a very competitive program.  Less than 1% of all applicants are selected to receive up to $90,000 in seed funding.  One of their exciting new offerings is the Work on Purpose program.  Rooted in best life and work practices of some of the  world’s most successful change-makers, Work on Purpose provides stories, activities, frameworks and a like-minded community to support social entrepreneurs.  The program is based on scientific findings at Stanford University, Yale University & University of Pennsylvania and other research institutions.  Echoing Green also disseminates its findings so others can benefit from their research.

DailyFeats.com – Is a way for people to get motivated to change their behavior and achieve their personal goals.  They want you to “Be a better you.  Set your goals, make progress, and earn rewards which can be donated to non-profits”. DailyFeats helps you reach your goals through small, positive steps.   In turn, you can convert your rewards into further motivation or “feel good” moments by donating your rewards to any non-profit of your choice.  Your goals can be anything from losing weight, to being a better parent, to finding ways to combat hunger.  For example, one of their newest partners is ONE’s Thrive petition which urges G8 leaders to end global hunger.  They even have mobile apps available to help you succeed.

What’s next for these two social entrepreneur companies?  Who knows, but it is exciting to see how they are changing the world! What will you do to create a positive social impact?